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WILD HOPS MAKE GOOD STORY . . . when the story makes a better beer


Dan Beveridge was contemplating the power of a good beer story on his way home from the Brew & Blues Festival in Mammoth Lakes on a hot summer day. He’d been asked to pour the California Lager from Anchor Brewing Co. at the festival and spent a lot of time relating the story behind this traditional brew to thirsty festival-goers. He found himself enjoying the story almost more than the beer.

Head heavy with hangover and a long drive home to Chico with his wife Karen ahead of him, he was considering how a good beer was made better for the backstory. And as he was driving along in the high Sierra, he was startled out of his fog of morning-after contemplation when he noticed familiar vines growing prolifically along the sides of the two lane mountain highway, vines that he didn’t expect to be there. As a child of the region, the vines piqued his natural curiosity. He asked Karen if the flora looked like hops to her, and she finally replied after several of his musing inquiries, “Why don’t you just pull over and see?” And this … Read More

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